VGI 360°Automatic Rotate Car Washing Brush Long Handle Adjustable Car Wash Mop

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ROTATE AUTOTATE AUTOMATICALLY BY WATER POWER - No electricity needed. Energy-Saving and Convenient, Once you connect the brush to the tap, the washing brush will rotate automatically because of the high pressure of the current. Through turning the red knob, you can control the pressure of the current (3 levels altogether you can choose).

·         SPRAY FOAN: Standard nipple interface, can be connected with different car washing hose which have quick connector. Scientific design of the handle, it is convenient to hold. Put the detergent into the reservoir and foam will come out automatically. Wash your car, clean the floor, window cleaner, wash the blanket, etc.

·         LENGTH-ADJUSTABLE HANDLE: Super soft scrub brush can clean you car very well, Soft bristles, will not hurt your car. Three-dimensional auto rotating brush without electricity required and work with water. Equipped with 2 extenders, you can expand the length of the handle, keeping you away from the dirty car.

·         MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: High Performance Brush, Water outflow from brush hole, the greater the water pressure, the faster the brush rotates. Uses water propulsion to rotate the inner brush for more effective cleaning. Inner brushes spin to brush away dirt, angled design fits in hard-to-reach areas. Multi-use brush also can be used to wash car and home windows.

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