Pacific SC8830BS Trusteam Under Cabinet Hood (30")

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The TruSteam range hood is packed with innovative technology and unmatched features. At the touch of a button, TruSteam effortlessly self-cleans the hood interior by spraying high-temperature steam (130℃ / 266℉) onto the fan blades and interior housing followed by a hot water rinse. In addition, our newly developed whisper-quiet motor increases the ventilation performance while operating at nearly inaudible levels at working speeds.

Discover the cutting-edge TruSteam range hood, brimming with advanced technology and unparalleled functionalities. With just a simple touch, TruSteam seamlessly self-cleans its interior using high-temperature steam (130℃ / 266℉), targeting fan blades and housing. The innovative process efficiently eliminates grease, germs, and odors, all without the need for harsh chemicals or manual scrubbing. Experience enhanced ventilation performance with our newly developed whisper-quiet motor, ensuring nearly inaudible operation even at working speeds. Elevate your kitchen experience with the TruSteam range hood's unbeatable features.

Whisper-Quiet Performance

Our revolutionary motor, invented by Pacific, is the quietest in the industry. The 6 different speed settings include one aptly named "extremely silent.” Even at higher speeds, the TruSteam range hood operates at nearly inaudible levels.

Deep Concave Bottom Design

TruSteam is designed for homes where a range of things are cooked with oil at high temperatures. The novel concave shape keeps grease and oil from leaking and smoke out of your eyes while you’re cooking up that stir fry or juicy steak.


The advanced centrifugal blower funnels smoke to the outside while depositing grease in the leak-proof residue cup. This filter-less design prevents grease build-up and reduces fire hazards.


Delay the shutoff after cooking to eliminate any remaining steam, smoke, and cooking odors before it shuts off automatically.

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