Buydeem OA20013 Mug and Coffee Warmer

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Colour: Cozy Greenish
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Tired of your hot beverage getting cold before you've had the chance to drink it? After only 30 minutes, most hot drinks are already cold and unenjoyable. The Buydeem Mug and Coffee Warmers keep beverages hot for 12 continuous hours, keeping them warm and ready to drink. Enjoy hot drinks longer, without worrying about them getting cold.

1. Two Settings
High and Medium temperature keeps beverages warm for 12 hours or more so that your drink stays warmer longer.
2. Smart Design
This warmer boasts features that keep you safe and add to its functionality. The silicon pad and cup-hugging shape keep your mug from slipping while it warms. A built-in drain keeps any condensation or spills from dripping onto your counter too.
3. Uniform Heating
The advanced Pi heating element creates a uniform heated surface that reaches the desired temperature in under two minutes. Compared to alternatives, the Pi heating element offers higher heating efficiency yet does not create a hot device.
4. LED Lights
You can enjoy this beverage warmer even at night when you're sipping your sleepytime tea thanks to these smart LED lights. The lights let you know when the warmer is heating up, on or off.
5. Automatic Shutoff
The mug and coffee warmer automatically turns off after 12 hours, keeping drinks warm during long days at the office or late-night studying. If you want to keep your drink warmer longer, feel free to cancel the automatic shutoff feature and turn it off when you are ready. During the 12 hours, the mug and coffee warmer continuously keeps beverages warm and ready to drink.

Materials: Die-cast aluminum alloy/ Polycarbonates/ Silicone
Power: DC 12V 24W
Water Temperature: Around 113℉(45°C) to 131℉(45°C)
Available Colour: Cozy Greenish/Ink Grey/Mellow Yellow
Product Dimension: 6.26 x 6.1 x 4.09 inches

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