Chef's Choice 4643 Pronto Pro Manual Knife Sharpener

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Now you can sharpen Asian & German knives with one compact, easy-to-use tool. This handheld sharpener puts a razor-sharp, durable arch-shaped edge on straight & serrated knives.
• Slot 1 sharpens Asian knives to a 15-degree angle.
• Slot 2 sharpens European/American knives to a 20-degree angle.
• Slot 3 polishes the blade edge to a smooth finish & sharpens serrated blades.
• Criss-Cross technology uses 100% diamond abrasive wheels that sharpen simultaneously "into" & "out of" the knife edge, for a burr-free edge with lots of bite.
• Compact size stores away in a drawer.
• Soft-touch handle for easy, secure grip.
• Assembled in USA.

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