Cuisinart® VS-300C Professional Vacuum Food Sealer - Refurbished

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Keep your favourite foods fresh and make leftovers last longer with the Cuisinart Professional Vacuum Sealer. This nifty product extracts the air at the push of a button, locking in flavour and freshness with a sealing strip so that you can save money by buying seasonal or sale food in bulk! Powerful technology eliminates the air from the Cuisinart vacuum seal bags to prevent freezer burn and spoilage. It's a great all-in-one solution for all your food storage needs.
  • Simple one-touch operation automatically vacuums out air and seals bag
  • Dry & Moist Food Function to choose the best bag seal time for the specific type of food you are sealing
  • Functions include: Vacuum Seal, Seal, Pulse, Canister, Dry / Moist feature
  • LED progress indicator
  • Integrated drip tray
  • Convenient Roll storage & Built-in bag cutter
  • Easy lock lever for convenient operation
  • Includes a Bonus 0.7L (24oz) Canister
  • Includes two bonus vacuum seal rolls: One 8.6 in. x 20’ roll (22 cm x 6 m) & One 11 in. x 20’ roll (28 cm x 6 m)
  • Provides an airtight seal to prevent freezer burn and spoilage
  • Extra-wide sealing strip locks in flavour and freshness
  • Refurbished product - 180 days warranty

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