Cuisinart WAF-V100C Vertical Waffle Maker

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Take the hassle out of breakfast and brunch with Cuisinart’s vertical waffle maker. The clever vertical design allows you to pour the batter in through the top spout while the iron is closed. A Ready-To-Eat indicator lets you know when it's time for deliciously golden Belgian waffles. Five browning levels let you cater to everyone's specific tastes.

• Vertical design with batter pour spout for simple, spill-free filling
• Bakes 1 round Belgian waffle at a time
• 5-level browning control lets you prepare waffle to everyone's specific preference
• Features Ready-To-Bake/Ready-To-Eat indicator lights and audible alert
• Brushed stainless steel top cover
• Measuring scoop and recipes included

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