Dettol 125 ML AntiSeptic Liquid



Dettol Antiseptic Liquid (Absolute Alcohol Antiseptic Liquid)
For all round protection against germs and bacteria, use Dettol Antiseptic liquid.
    Kills germs and bacteria.
    Protects against infection from cuts and scratches.
    Can be used on skin for effective anti-bacterial action.
    Serves as a cleaning agent for hard surfaces and laundry
Recommended dilutions:
First Aids : 15 ml to 300 ml of water
Bathing : 5 ml in 10 litre bucket of water
Nappy Wash : 12.5 ml to 500 ml of water
Shaving : 15 ml to 300 ml of water
Expiry date : 07/2022

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