Galaxy 26" Foldable 24 Gears Mountain Bike

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Color: Red
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  • Fast folding for easy carrying, two-step folding, easy storage, folding frame, can be placed in the trunk, into the elevator, or occupy a corner of the room

  • High-strength folding carbon steel frame, high load-bearing, high toughness, fish scale welding

  • The 24-speed variable-speed finger dial of the Micro-Zhan, accurate and fast positioning, and the variable speed can be operated freely, reducing delays or errors, etc.

  • Bicycle Disc Brake Mountain Bike

  • Racing-level comfortable cushion, the cushion adopts a professional racing style, with a narrow front and a wide rear shape, which reduces friction between the legs and facilitates exertion.

  • Thick and wear-resistant tires, strong grip on dry roads, effective anti-skid, wear-resistant, puncture-resistant, and strong puncture-proof ability for wet riding tires

  • Material: carbon steel car
    Frame structure: folding bike
    Whether to fold: yes
    Propulsion Mode: Chain
    Load capacity: 120kg
    Braking : dual disc brakes
    Frame Type: Hard Frame
    Front fork type: spring fork (low gear without damping)
    Configuration level: standard
    Pedal type: normal pedal
    Brake type: front and rear mechanical disc brakes

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