Joyoung M6-L20S Noodle Machine 九阳自动面条机



Fast noodles, chewy noodles, baby noodles, dumpling skins, dough, buckwheat noodles, vegetable noodles, egg noodles, automatic noodles, manual noodles, squeezed noodles, appointment, mixing, pipe cleaning.
  • Automatically knead flour like hands, make soft and chewy noodles
  • Equipped with a 350ml water bottle to add water automatically
  • Homemade noodles, no additives, safe and healthy
  • Fully integrate flour and water, no sticking of noodles
  • 12 hours delay timer allows you to enjoy the noodle whenever you like
  • Automatically mix flour and make noodle, convenient to operate
  • 6 noodle molds and one dumpling mold, providing more healthy choices
  • 120V

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