Joyoung SF95M Multi-function Steaming and Grilling Air Fryer

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A new revolution in the dining table, a time-saving and convenient artifact! Joyoung's brand-new multi-function steaming and grilling air fryer SF95M, oil-free steaming, grilling and frying, one machine for many machines.

• Subvert the traditional air fryer, the air fryer that can be steamed, oil-free steaming, roasting and frying, one machine is worth multiple machines, retains the moisture of the ingredients, and the nutrition is healthier
• Three cooking modes: air frying, steam roasting, original steaming, 14 built-in special recipes, and you can also manually set the temperature and time, making it easy to cook a variety of dishes
• Unique original steaming - retains the full nutrition of the food; delicious steam roasting - enhances the freshness of the ingredients, bringing out the sweetness and deliciousness of the ingredients; fat-reduced air frying - saying goodbye to greasy and healthier
• Large capacity 5L, can roast whole chicken
• Easy to clean and considerate design - built-in hot-drying sterilization function, high-temperature sterilization to remove peculiar smell, more secure to use
• Easy to clean and considerate design - flip-up cover, easy to wipe off greasy
• Humanized design - 270 ℃ upper cover visual window, keep abreast of cooking progress
• Humanized design - automatic heat preservation function, the cooking is completed and enters the heat preservation
• Humanized design-up to 24 hours reservation function

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