Joyoung JYF-20FS987M Smart Rice Cooker 2L (Pink)

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  • EASY TO CLEAN: with the detachable upper cover, never worry about the inconvenient way to clean the rice cooker, it is time to enjoy the rice cooker with better cleaning solution.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: 2L capacity is more suitable for 1 people who live in small apartment or single serve. The designed handle on the side can make you easy to move the rice cooker to college life, first apartment, and smaller kitchen to safe the space.
  • PRESET 24 HOURS: Preset for 24 hours, the preset function help you deal with the busy working day. Enjoy the food and rice in the morning before commute and have the rice when arriving home.
  • EARTHEN INNER POT: The inner pot of the earthen stove is boiled under a slight pressure which makes the rice grains more evenly heated.

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