KEEXUENNL 閃電褲S3 Lightning Blaze Legging

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Colour: Pink
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Regardless of size, fat or thin Suitable weight: 40-70 kg Lightning pants S3 uses KEEXUENNL original technical fabric Follow the ergonomic design, the fabric is light and breathable, and pressurized in sections, which fits every skin of the leg better And with the knitting technology imported from Italy, the super professional team controls the first-class quality assurance Fits perfectly to the skin, there is no problem doing yoga
Double stitches are used inside and outside the waist to reinforce the waist fat The waist is increased by 3cm, the meat is not crimped, and the lower abdomen is flatter Ice feeling fiber quickly absorbs moisture and wicks away sweat Comes with a breeze, cool instantly Unique buttocks design wave hip lift smile line Lift the buttocks to relax muscles Put on the hip line and immediately tilt it 15 degrees
Available in 6 Colours
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