MiLi Power iData Air 32 GB Portable Battery Pack and Wireless Smart Storage

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The MiLi Power iData Air is a power bank with Wireless Smart Storage, making it the ultra large capacity battery. The device contains a 10,000 mAh battery which is simple, stylish, easy to carry, and allows simultaneous charging of two mobile devices. The Power iDataAir supports simultaneous connection with up to 8 devices, and allows wireless access to data stored on the Power iDataAir. Your data is always protected with a required password to connect wirelessly to Power iDataAir, guaranteeing you that your data will be safely transferred. Use the free app for backing up your photos and videos to Power iDataAir, and freeing up your phone s internal storage. With the Power iDataAir, you can take your favourite music, videos, and photos anywhere you go, and view them anytime you want. Use the dedicated app to effortlessly manage your files from your mobile device. While connected to the Power iDataAir, your phone will also be able to connect to the Internet without interrupting other functions on your phone.


  • Wirelessly save and transfer files
  • 32 GB capacity smart drive
  • Battery Capacity: 10 000 mAh
  • Password protection for wireless transfer
  • 6 MB Read speed, 3 MB Write speed

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