Multi Cooker Joyoung Soy Milk Blender DJ12M-K92

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Description :
  • It automatically cleans the inner cavity after the pulping is completed, freeing your hands from now on without washing by hand
  • It has powerful functions, soymilk machine, electric steamer, sterilizer, water dispenser, coffee machine 5 in 1
  • It is 35,000 revolutions per minute, the wall is broken and there is no residue without filtering, and the taste of soy milk is more delicate
  • Its 304 stainless steel double-layer steamer steams food to lock in nutrition, and high temperature sterilization is more secure
  • It can choose from 5 kinds of water temperature to meet different needs such as milk brewing and tea making
  • It is available in four capacities of 300/600/900/1200ml, suitable for families with 1-5 people
  • It can grind the powder with the purchase of a grinding cup, and the hard five-grain medicated diet can also be easily ground into a powder

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