New Balance 10mm Thick Fitness Mat



  • Exercise Mat - New Balance Fitness Mats are 10mm thick of extra supportive, durable foam for increased comfort and foundation for all types of exercise, fitness, yoga, Pilates, stretching and floor workouts and routines.
  • Superior Traction - Yoga mat features non slip ridges and grooves that work to provide a sticky grip, making it ideal for beginners to advanced and great for all types of floor work from yoga, Pilates and stretching to planks, sit-ups and more.
  • Carry Strap - A nylon carrying strap is included for easy portability and storage, and also doubles a stretch strap for pre- or post workout to increase flexibility and range of motion.
  • At Home Fitness and Travel - Ideal for on-the-go fitness to yoga classes or the gym with the convenient carrying strap and roll-away design or to use around the home in your room of choice.
  • New Balance - We've been fearlessly independent since our beginning in 1906. During that time, we've developed performance products without fear, in our own unique way. Today, we remain both fearless and independent as we continue our journey.

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