NOMA 043-1022 1500W Turbo Mechanical Utility Space Fan Heater (Black) (Open Box)

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The NOMA Turbo Mechanical Utility Space Fan Heater provides both cooling and heating functions, so you can get versatile, all-season use out of a single unit. Designed for small to medium-sized spaces, this heater fan features two heat and two fan settings that range from low to high, making it easier to warm up or cool down your space as needed. Functional and versatile, this 1500W space heater fan uses vortex technology to circulate heat more evenly and efficiently than other standard fan heaters for seamless use. Tip-over protection and overheat protection features provide added safety while the carry handle offer excellent portability and makes it easy to place this heater fan exactly where it's needed. Plus, the compact design fits neatly on top of tables and desks for easy use in small, compact spaces. Use this portable heater fan at home or in the office to help stay comfortable at work or play no matter the temperature. This convenient heater fan can be used in place of central heating or central air to help you save money on your next bill.
• This NOMA Turbo Fan Heater is ideal for heating up small-to-medium sized rooms and for distributing heat evenly
• 2 heat settings and 2 fan settings
• Safety tip-over switch is built-in
• Carry handle for increased mobility
• Vortex technology circulates heat more efficiently than standard fan heaters
• Includes overheat protection
• Size: 10-1/4\" L x 7-7/16\" W x 10-9/16\" H (26 cm L x 18.9 cm W 26.9 cm H)

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