Panasonic NC-EG3000 3.0L Hot Water Dispenser (Refurbished)

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Hot water can always be at your fingertips with the NCEG3000 Hot Water Dispenser. It's easy to quickly and safely boil and dispense hot water--perfect for anything from tea, instant coffee and hot cocoa to instant soup, noodles, baby food and more. The exceptionally versatile unit can be used throughout the day for various applications and at different temperature settings. The pot's fold-down carrying handle makes it effortless to transport. The Binchotan-type premium non-stick interior coating, improves the taste and smell of water or tea brewed. It's very easy to clean, and is also stain resistant.
• 3.0L water capacity
• Slow-drip coffee feature
• Reboil button for quick 4 minute boiling
• Premium charcoal coating improves taste of brewed tea and makes cleaning easy
• Four keep warm temperature selections approx. 208° F, 190° F, 180° F, 160° F
• Easy-to-Read Water Gauge - Allows you to see how much water is remaining in the pot
• 6-Hour Energy Savings Timer
• LCD Display
• Rotating body (360º)
• Refurbished - 90 days warranty

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