Yonovo Picnic Backpack Set (Aqua)

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1. Design Inspiration
Blue is an extensive Colour, representing everlasting, tranquility and purity. The bag in aqua blue seems to make us immersed in endless and quite lake water. You will be surprised to find it relaxed to have a picnic with a YONOVO. YONOVO provides health guarantee for picnic and takes you home with love.
2. Environmental Materials
YONOVO picnic bag is using sanding brushed durable fabric, durable 600D polyester and aluminum foil insulated compartment which have strictly met FDA food-grade test standards. You aren't fear about cleaning problems anymore. Peculiar smell, food residues and naughty stains will be easily removed by a damp cloth or dried quickly. Having fun outdoors doesn't need to be heavy. Lightweight and stress-free picnic bag with nylon straps alleviates burdens on you and is always the eye-catching fashion spotlight wherever you go.
3. Complimentary Accessories:

(1) Stainless steel knife: 4 PCS

(2) 9" PS plate: 4 PCS

(3) PS wineglass: 4 PCS

(4) Salt & pepper grinder: 2 PCS

(5) Cheese knife: 1 PCS

(6) Stainless steel spoon: 4 PCS

(7) Stainless steel fork: 4 PCS

(8) Cotton napkin: 4 PCS

(9) Plastic cutting board: 1 PCS

(10) Stainless steel bottle opener: 1 PCS

4. Dimension: (L) 11.4 x (W) 7.9 x (H) 16.7 inches
Weight: 5.52 LB
Insulation Time: Up to 4 Hours
Capacity of Food Compartment: 10L
Load Capacity: 19.8 LB

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