Sakura R767 30" Range Hood (Stainless Steel)

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Check out what's under the hood with Sakura's extensive selection of high-quality kitchen range coverings. Built with powerful 750 CFM twin centrifugal turbo fans, the R-767 under-cabinet range hood offers an affordable way to experience incredible Sakura performance. Sleekly designed with a slim aesthetic, Teflon-coated fans will let you enjoy a quiet operating mode suited for any function.
  • A CFM of 750 ensures this range hood removes all smoke, steam, odors and bacteria
  • Its patented grease trapping cups and aluminum filters, both of which are detachable and dishwasher-safe, trap oil and prevent grease from entering the hood
  • Twin motors make for maximum power yet quiet operation
  • Sound level: 2 - 5 sones
  • Rectangular rocker switch allows you the option of picking from two different speeds
  • Teflon-coated non-stick fans prevent grease buildup
  • The front smoke cover redirects smoke and steam
  • All parts are made at Sakura Taiwan, ensuring the finest measures of quality control take place
  • W 29 3/4" x D 22" x H 5" or W 35 1/2" x D 22" x H 5" 
  • Top 6" round opening
  • Recommended distance from bottom of cabinet to the counter top: 30" ~32

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