Soft Stuffed Plush Toy Little Yellow Duck

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Product Name: Big Yellow Duck Pillow

Product fabric: stretch soft velvet

Product filling: down cotton

Product Colour: yellow

Size: 120cm 1500g

Product details: ①Computer embroidery thread expression ②Stretch soft velvet fabric ③Full feather cotton filling

Advantages ①soft fabric ②sleeping companion ③cute doll ④multiple functions [shy]

This cute pillow is skin-friendly, soft, odorless, stretchy soft velvet fabric, comfortable and smooth to the touch, closer to the skin, elastic on all sides, soft and comfortable, free to pull, not easy to deform, when you are tired, sleepy, and sad He is always there, leaning in his arms and slowly feeling of happiness, very cute and caring, warmth starts from this moment 

Love doesn't know where it originated, but when it comes to love, how can it be, like a flower, it will eventually be invincible. Quality, more attractive, secret little eyes, bulging body, cute little wings, always with you 


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