Solar LED Lights/Bugs Zapper

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Solar Bug Zapper and Super Bright UV LED Light by Metro Fulfillment House. Light your yard and kill mosquitoes and other annoying insects simultaneously with the UV LED Solar Bug Zapper from Metro Fulfillment House. The UV LED Solar Bug Zapper is an easy to install, green solution for lighting and reclaiming your yard from pest insects. With no wiring or harmful chemicals required and by using energy from the sun, you'll save time, money and the environment. Enjoy your yard responsibly with this incredible money saving UV LED Solar Bug Zapper.

Brand new high quality Solar Bug Zapper. A must have item for every family's garden & bedroom. Protects your family from mosquitoes, insects bites & related disease such as dengue fever Powered & charged by solar energy, environmental friendly & convenient to use comparing to traditional battery powered design.

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