360˚ Easy Life Easy Spin Mop And Bucket System (Blue)

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New 360 clean system mop head design can be rotated freely through 360 rotating to evenly and easily clean any corner. Multi-purpose wringer and a full set of features, the mop system can be used for cleaning from indoors or outdoors, in places like floors, corners, glass windows, washing a car at no challenge.

• Drying function - pole thrusting option for more control, either method dry the mop quick and efficiently so you can continue cleaning
• Dry/wet mop - no marks, safe and easy to clean, new spin-dry water bucket allows you to choose how wet the micro-fabric mop head should be
• There is no need to get your hands dirty, no need for physical effort and no need for a power socket, it's so easy to use
• Saves effort, time and the rotating style and built-in spin-dry water bucket delivers powerful cleaning performance
• Note: No foot pedal

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