Stream Riders 3 Seats SRK Series Full Drop Stitch Inflatable Kayak (SRK-03)



This kayak is a performance equipment for true adventurers to express their individuality and explore nature. Completely constructed with Drop Stitch technology, the SRK series kayaks are stunning in appearance and incredible quality. It blends handling properties, speed, comfort and stability to give you everything you need for perfect cruising with light loads. It is a speedboat with a streamlined hull. It provides excellent tracking performance while enabling the paddler to turn quickly and steadily.
  • Specifications

    • Max passengers: 3
    • Air Chambers: 3
    • Max. Payload: 705lbs
    • Drain Valves: 1
    • Fin System: 2 Kayak Fins
    • Length: 15'9"
    • Width: 35.4"
    • Weight: 55lbs

    • Box Includes:

      • Bag: 1
      • Double Action Pump:1
      • Kayak Seat: 3
      • Paddle: 3
      • Kayak Fin: 2
      • Adjustable Footrest: 3
      • Maintenance Kits: 1 set

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