Super iWash Bidet Seat (Round)

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HCG iWash (Super) hygienic way to wash. Auto Bidet with Spa-like warm water calms, soothes, and contributes to better blood circulation. Automatic bidets also help provide better skin care with less irritation due to toilet paper use that is rough on skin.

- Spa Feature: Nozzles release air inserted warm water for a massage like feeling while washing. The standard water warmth is set 34°C to 38°C adjustable to your desired heat temperature.

- Heated Seat: Comfortable heated seat with a maximum temperature of 38°C, automatically turning off to lowest temperature after 10 minutes idle time.

Dryer: Adjustable warm wind temperature; highest temperature is 48°C

- Nightlight: Soft light brings convenience and comfort at night.

- Power Saving: Sets low temperature when bidet is not in use and automatically deactivates when someone is seated.

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