T-Fal FV2628Q0 Ultraglide Comfort Glide Iron



Specifically designed for heavy ironing needs, The new Ultraglide rises to the challenge with outstanding performance and a variety of enhanced features. Delivering quick and efficient results, The durilium technology adds two exceptional tools to the ironing arsenal: active steam holes located on the tip, sides, and even the center of the soleplate for maximum steam distribution. The continuous steam ensures efficient ironing sessions, while a great boost tackles stubborn creases. With features like an ergonomic steam trigger and a smart auto-off function rounding off the package, Ultraglide is your weapon for tackling high-volume ironing with fast results and uncompromising performance.

•    The Durilium Airglide technology provides maximum steam distribution thanks to the active steam holes at the tip, the side and at the center of the soleplate
•    Maximum steam distribution for efficient ironing: the active steam holes at the tip, the side and at the center of the soleplate allow a maximum steam distribution.
•    Steam boost to remove even the toughest creases: the steam boost is concentrated at the soleplate tip for more efficiency.
•    Continuous steam ouput to ease crease removal: continuous steam output of up to 40 g/min gives you the ideal constant amount of steam to remove creases with ease.
•    Anti-drip function: The anti-drip function prevents water from dripping and staining your linen while ironing.

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