T-Fal RK900151 Nutri+ Cooking Programs Rice Cooker

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Cook up healthy, tasty grains fast!
The new T-fal NutriCook is the only multicooker that lets you speedily soak and cook your healthy, high-protein grains in one pot.
It improves the nutrients of your grains, so you and your family can enjoy healthy, yummy dishes. Efficient and versatile, this multicooker does the work of multiple appliances!
NutriCook is the quick, easy, modern day answer to home cooked meals loaded with nutrients. Featuring the exclusive Nutri+ technology, it makes cooking healthier and more nutritious meals, a breeze; allowing you to program different textures to suit your preferences. With more than 82 versatile cooking programs, the NutriCook offers a variety of possibilities every day, while the ‘My Recipe’ mode lets you save your favorite five recipes for fast and convenient meal preps. The NutriCook is an all in one cooker that replaces multiple appliances, so you have the freedom to create a vast variety of dishes i.e. soup, pasta, stews, baby food, cakes, breads, puddings, yogurt, cream cheese, etc.
•ONE COOKER. ENDLESS DELICIOUS POSSIBILITIES. The healthy and easy to use multicooker: Maximize the nutritional value in an endless number of delicious recipes
•Healthy, Tasty and Easy: Artificial intelligence cooking programs provide step-by-step instructions and portioning presets. 82 pre-programmed settings: 20 nutritional and 62 multicook options including 5 DIY programs, for a wide range of cooking choices each day. Up to 24 programs to maximize the nutritional potential in all your dishes
•Preserve the Nutrients in Your Dishes: NutriCook uses an exclusive, patented technology called Nutri+ that adapts different preparation phases to the specific features of each food in order to preserve more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.)
•From Savory to Sweet: 150 tasty recipes: appetizers, mains and desserts. The NutriCook does it all!
•+50% iron, +64% vitamin B1 for lentils; +135% vitamin B1 for brown nice; + 50% vitamin E for white rice; Elimination of phytic acids for beans
•Durable ceramic 4 liter capacity (10 cup) bowl, removable & dishwasher safe Durable ceramic 4 liter capacity (10 cup) bowl, removable & dishwasher safe
•Includes: cooking pot; steam basket; rice spoon, measuring cup and inner steam shield.
•Includes: cooking pot; steam basket; rice spoon, measuring cup and inner steam shield.
• Includes: recipe book, spoon, measuring cups, soaking basket, steam basket
• 850 Watts

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