TaoTronics TT-AP006 (55-0300-037) Air Purifier (Black)

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Stay in, stay safe and breathe fresh air with the TaoTronics HEPA air purifier. It covers rooms as large as up to 224ft², yet the slight build only takes up minimal space, place on your desktop or nightstand to eliminate airborne pollutants from pet shedding, during pollen season, and more to continually provide clean air for a happier, healthier life.
• True HEPA Filtration: Filters out at least 99.97% of fine airborne particles through the H13 HEPA filter, active carbon filter, and pre-filter – no air pollutants bypass the 3-layer filter
• Efficient Three-Stage Filtration System: Air Purifier features a three-stage filtration system. This comprises a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter, powerful enough to capture up dust, pollen, smoke, odor, pet dander
• Pervading Air Flow: Covers up to 224 square feet, spreading fresh air around your bedroom, study, or kid’s room with a 150m³/h CADR rating to significantly improve indoor air quality
• Versatile Air Cleaning: Ideal for pet owners, parents with newborns, and sensitive nose/throat sufferers – the air purifier captures airborne pollutants from coarse impurities like pet dander and fur, to 0.3 micron particles like pollen and mold spores
• Filter Replacement Alert: The indicator will flash on the control panel when the filter needs changing; The replacement filter should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the air quality in your area and use of the Air Purifier to ensure best results
• Quiet Operation: In sleep mode, air purifiers for room keep noise levels as low as 24dB. Creates a restful and soothing environment without disturbing your learning, working or sleeping
• Note: Please remove plastic packaging of new filter before running the air purifier

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