TouchBeauty AS-1385 Facial Cream Booster

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Features :

Positive electrode treatment removes impurities from pore
Negative electrode treatment increases nutrients absorption
Yellow light therapy brightens the skin
5 Min smart timer provides precise skin care treatment
1. Comes with 3 technologies in one device, deeply cleans the skin, helps to better absorb beauty cream, and keep the skin's youthful-looking.
Eliminates impurities:
Acoustic massaging with ion+ and soft vibrations eliminates dirt hidden in pores and provides long lasting skin maintenance.
Absorbs nutrients:
Acoustic massage with ion– and soft vibrations sends skin care deeply into the skin, and maximizes the protection effect of skin care products.
Photo therapy:
Orange light (590 nm):
Activates cells, renews collagen and slows skin-aging.
2. Two modes (continuous/intermittent) for use.
3. Two auto-timing systems, 5 minutes for galvanic current and soft vibration, and 10 minutes for photo therapy.
4. The massage head is made of anti allergic material, which is safe for all skin types.
5. USB Rechargeable.

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