UROS 10.6' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards, Double Layer DWF

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Colour: Blue
$299.99 $459.99


This is 10.6' inflatable standup paddle board, which made of most reliable MSL material and drop-stitch technology, it's extremely incredible durable, virtually unbreakable, and impressively portable. When fully inflated, the size is about 10'x30"x6". But when the board is deflated, it will save a lot of space and can be rolled up to storage in the carry bag.


Pre-Laminated Double Layer DWF (MSL Material)

Comfortable EVA Layer for Standing/Sitting in Balance for a Long Time

Unique Styles & Colours


Waterproof Backpack Opening Sideway (Full-Opening Style)

Two-Way Pumps with Pressure Reader

Adjustable Aluminum Paddle

Waterproof Cellphone Case

3 Removable Fins

Ankle Leash (10 ft)




Gross Weight 14 KG, Net Weight 13 KG

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