VieOli OLID1083 UV-C Light Sanitizing Qi-Certified Wireless Phone Charging Kit

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This easy-to-use sanitizing box is the perfect way to keep your phone, germ free, and your battery full, all with one device. The compact sanitizing box design keeps you safe from UV-C rays and fits many small contaminated household items such as keys, remote controls, earbuds, and more, destroying bacteria DNA. The Qi-certified charging pad enables you to wirelessly charge compatible devices (must have wireless charging capability) quickly, utilizing its 5 watt output of charging power. Simply plug in the USB cord to charge or disinfect your cell phone whenever you need to. Perfect for travel or work. The UV-C light eliminates up to 99% of the nasty and harmful germs found on our phones that constantly put us at risk for viruses and infections. This toxic free non-chemical approach is the safe and ideal way to keep your frequently touched items, clean. The device is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that recharges via micro USB. The light output ranges from 2mw-4mw.


  • UV-C Light Technology – Requires 60 seconds of exposure
  • Qi Certified 5W wireless charging pad embedded
  • Chemical Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Fits most phones, and other personal items

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