VGI Multi-purpose Car Tray with Drawer (Black)

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Great for car travel, business, and relaxation, but also great for traveling by car, especially for families with children. It is necessary for people to travel, travel and leisure. It's also cool that you can use a car workstation in the back seat, something no other steering wheel can do. The steering wheel tray is recommended for long-haul drivers and salespeople who travel frequently, making it the perfect travel gift. For safety please do not use while driving, And this table can put food, books and drinks on the table but can't put heavy things.This folding table can hold 17 lb.

1. We are always looking for a desk that can enjoy food and work in the car, especially one that can be easily mounted on the steering wheel and the back of the seat, as well as storage, and this car desk meets this need.

2. Drivers, travelers and those who spend a lot of time in the car will love this car table, which will give them a great lunch and work experience, both at work and on the road.

3. This car desk is only suitable for cars with headrest seats, but it can be fitted to the steering wheel of any car. If your car seat does not have a headrest bar, it can only be used on the steering wheel. This is a very important tip.

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