VGI 3D-EMS-EB Mini 3D Eye Massager

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EMS Micro-Current Pulse Massage: Beneficial for eyes blood circulation, fatigue
relief, fine lines and wrinkles dilution and black circle reduction.

• Vibration Massage: High-frequent vibration of 5000 times per minute improves the blood circulation around eyes, activate eyes muscle, and relieve eyes.
• Ergonomic 3D Design: Unique 3D shape perfectly fit for eyes, it better exercises eye muscle, providing efficient enjoyment.
• 2 Modes: Designed with 2 modes. Meet different massage needs of different groups of people.
• Multiple Functions: Efficient in relieving eyes fatigue, promote blood circulation, relieve cranial nerve, and improve sleep quality and condition.
• Portable and Practical: USB fast charging, with a large built-in battery, the massager can ensure 2-3 hours using time.
• Auto switch off after 10 min
• Intensity levels: Low (Green) - default, Medium (Red) and High (purple)

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