VGI Adjustable Measuring Spoon 30-130 ML (Bonus 30 ML Spoon)

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Make The Task Of Measuring Your Ingredients So Much Simpler!

In many cases, properly measuring out ingredients can make or break the recipe you are trying to make! We decided to make it easier on you with our All in One Adjustable Measuring Spoon that combines all teaspoons and tablespoons in a practical tool. Just slide the adjuster to the desired amount and pour ingredients into the spoon to measure. The All in One Adjustable Measuring Spoon is a great help to accurately measure all kinds of dry and liquid ingredients so you can bake and cook like a pro!

  • Premium Material & Ergonomic Design: Made of high-quality food-grade material, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The spoons are safe to use, which won’t produce harm to your health. The ergonomic design of the longer handle and concave-convex handle allows you to hold it easily and freely.
  • Easy To Use: Just slide the adjuster to the desired amount and pour ingredients in the spoon to measure.
  • Space-Saving Design: It comes with a built-in magnet for easy storage on a magnetized surface, like a fridge. Also, there is a hanging hole at the bottom so you can hang it on any hook.
  • Groove Fingerprint: Help you move the slider back and forth to take measurements.
  • Perfect Measuring Spoon: Combine all teaspoons and tablespoons into one convenient tool to reduce the mess of kitchen spoons.
  • Four Measurement Units: tsp/tbsp, metric ML, ounce, cup, can meet your different needs in the kitchen. The measuring range of a small teaspoon is 5ml-30ml / 0.25oz-1oz, and the measuring range of a large spoon is 30ml-130ml / 1oz-4oz.

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