VGI VG-702 Scalp Massager (White)

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VGI Head Massager VG-702 (Bonus - 4 Extra Soft Brush)

  • VGI Deep Head Massager is custom-designed, total 84 Nodes are perfectly fit the scalp, deep and fully massage head. Promotes blood circulation, eliminate stresses and relieves pain of dizziness, head heaviness, brain swelling, and headache. Head Massager is a sweet gift for beloved Mum, Dad, arduous husband, wife massage at home.
  • Pets love this massager: Minimum noise : so your pets can enjoy the massage with peace 
  • Super Efficient Body Tiredness Eliminator: Not Just Scalp Massager, it's also great to eliminate the tiredness from your body. Self-timed 15 mins to massage your back, waist, shoulder and legs. You will feel rather relaxed and sound sleep at night, refreshed and energetic in the morning. More pleasant when co-use essential oil or olive oil to massage body
  • Super Beneficial for Women Breast, Eyes & Skin Care: Helpful on alleviating women's breast hyperplasia, and makes you feel easeful and elegant when massaging your eyes and face (pastes the BACK of the massager on the eyes and face under vibration only mode). It also promotes the absorption of facial mask. 100% premium nature silicon 2 cyclical kneading massage modes (Slow/ Fast, vibrating / scratching) ensure to massage the scalp and body comfortably, just like a home spa therapist
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof & Memorized]: Designed with built-in high-efficient 2200 mAh Lithium battery, it's rechargeable and only 3 hours to be fully charged. IPX7 waterproof allows customers use it in the bath and shower. Moreover, Head Massager memorizes last massage mode and runs last mode when it is turned on

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