Zwilling 39500-512 Thermo Tea & Infuser Bottle, 420ml (Black)



Water is the perfect thirst quencher. And adding some fresh fruit or blending your own tea makes it a genuine taste experience. Almost countless preparation ideas are available and there are no limits on your creativity. This becomes even simpler with the ZWILLING Thermo Tea & Fruit Infuser Bottle. Just add fruit, tea leaves or fresh ginger directly to the Thermo bottle. The sieve insert allows you to enjoy your favourite drink unfettered by keeping fruit and tea leaves inside the bottle. The travel cup allows you to take up to 420 ml of liquid with you out and about with absolutely no leaking. Hot tea stays hot in the travel mug for up to 7 hours and cold drinks are still pleasantly cool even after 10 hours. The vacuum insulated tea mug is dishwasher-safe and features a removable filter. The practical non-slip base also ensures stability when standing and is quiet when putting down. The modern vacuum bottle in classic black is ideal for every occasion and quenches thirst wherever you are and at any time. The matte black design is absolutely modern and genuinely eye-catching.
•    Ideal vacuum bottle for fresh, healthy beverages on the move
•    Effective double-wall insulation
•    Keeps drinks hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 10 hours
•    Filling capacity: 420 ml
•    Minimalistic and functional design in matte black
•    Dishwasher-safe and leakproof
•    High-quality, BPA-free materials
•    18/10 stainless steel
•    Built-in filter
•    Non-slip base for greater stability and quiet setting down

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